Are there any apartments in C.F. Lynch or Hawthorn?


Can I room with someone from a different LC?

Most coordinators do not allow this, but those decisions are made jointly by the program coordinators of the respective LCs.

How do I apply to be in a residential learning community?

Students must complete a learning community application in addition to a Housing application, which requires a $200 deposit. Students under 18 must have their parent(s)/guardian(s) complete an under-18 form in order to complete their housing application. Students will not be assigned to a residential LC without a completed Housing application.

Students are not able to select C.F. Lynch or Hawthorn on the application, as these buildings are only assignable once a student has been accepted into a learning community. Students should complete the application as if they were not going to participate in a LC.

How do I know if my learning community is residential (has an on-campus living component)?

Students can determine their living options for each learning community in a variety of locations. On the List of Learning Communities at UNC Charlotte, each program’s living requirement status is indicated.  Also, the LC application itself will only provide choices for living options relevant to the selected programs.

How do I receive/check my assignment / roommates?

Students should log into the online housing system to check their assignment status. All information regarding roommates and building assignment is available online.

Is smoking allowed in the residence hall?

All residence halls are smoke-free environments.

What are the chances of getting a single-occupancy bedroom?

Engineering LC participants do not have a single-occupancy bedroom option.   In C.F. Lynch, each LC is given a limited number of single and double occupancy bedrooms. Space requests are filled based on when the LC coordinator submits your name as an accepted program participant. Once your name has been submitted, preference is then given according to the date of completion of the Housing application ($200 deposit has been paid). Other factors impacting our ability to fulfill room-type preference include roommate(s) requested and the number of single rooms allocated to a particular program. Housing cannot guarantee

If a student has a medical need for a single room, this should be documented and handled through Disability Services to ensure the accommodation is made.

What building will I be assigned to?

Students participating in the Engineering LC will be assigned to Hawthorn Hall.  Students participating in other residential LCs will be assigned to C.F. Lynch Hall.

What is the cost of a room?

Housing rates can be found posted on the Housing and Residence Life website. Be certain that the room rates posted are for the year for which the student is applying.

What rooms are available?

Hawthorn Hall has only four person suites with double-occupancy bedrooms. C.F. Lynch Hall has four person suites, many with single-occupancy bedrooms, but some with double-occupancy bedrooms.

When are building tours offered?

Tours are available during Explore weekends. Unfortunately, tours at any other time cannot be accommodated. During SOAR, students are housed in C.F. Lynch Hall, although no tour of Hawthorn is available.

When will I receive my assignment?

Assignments are made on a rolling basis throughout the summer, starting in May. Students are assigned based on date of completed Housing application. Students applying for LCs may receive a non-LC building assignment prior to being accepted into the LC. Once a program coordinator communicates a student’s acceptance into their LC, the student’s assignment will be changed as soon as possible (usually 1-2 weeks).