The Learning Community Program Steering Committee at UNC Charlotte serves as the Program’s overall planning, policy and review committee.  It is charged with strategic planning, reviewing individual learning communities, working collaboratively with LC Coordinators and Associate Deans/Deans, accepting proposals and making recommendations for new learning communities, and recommending residential space allocation based on projections.  The Learning Community Program Steering Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Provost, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Deans about the Learning Community Program.

2016-2017 Membership

  • Chair, Dr. John Smail, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies

  • Dr. Banita Brown, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Ms. Carla Eastis, Academic Affairs Co-Coordinator, Director of Prospect for Success and First Year Curriculum, University College

  • Ms. Tiffany Morin, English Learning Community, University Center for Academic Excellence

  • Mr. Rich Nguyen, Computer and Informatics Learning Community Coordinator, College of Computer and Informatics

  • Dr. Patricia (Patty) Tolley, Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Engineering Student Development & Success/Department of Engineering Technology

  • Dr. Casey Tullos, Student Affairs Co-Coordinator, Assistant Director for Academic Initiatives and Staff, Housing & Residence Life

Student Representation

  • TBA