Transfer students or new students with Sophomore standing or higher, majoring in Psychology; Residential-Optional; Freshman in Psychology might consider the Psychology Learning Community.

Open to students living both on or off campus, the Community Psychology Learning Community is for declared psychology majors who wish to use psychology to create change in communities that can improve the lives of children, families and individuals.  With a strong social justice orientation, community psychology focuses on reducing disparities and helping disenfranchised groups have a voice and place in society. In the CPLC, students learn about community psychology, develop their research and applied skills, use this knowledge and skill to improve communities, and become better prepared to apply for graduate programs or enter the work force. In the Fall Semester, students enroll together in the Community Psychology (PSYC 2165) and Community Psychology Learning Community (PSYC 3001) courses, and if they have previously taken statistics, Research Methods 1 (PSYC 2101). Students work with faculty and community partner organizations to develop their skills and make a difference, while getting to know Charlotte and the department of psychology.

Community Psychology Learning Community 
Dr. Jim Cook

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